Mr Massimo Garriboli - Why FlexDex is the future of laparoscopic suturing

21st January 2020

Mr Massimo Garriboli, Consultant Paediatric Urologist at Evelina Children’s Hospital, London, talks about why he believes suturing with FlexDex is the future

Mail On Sunday: Boy, five, becomes the first child in Britain to be saved from kidney failure by a surgeon using a 'Robocop' arm

3rd August 2019

Alexander Pasek had eight-hour operation at Evelina London Children’s Hospital High-tech mechanical handpiece was used to remove a blockage in his kidney Gadget, called FlexDex, gives surgeon increased control, dexterity and accuracy Only seven specialist centres in the UK robots, but they will soon be available to 52 British surgeons and 16 NHS hospitals

LaproSurge at BAUS 2019

19th July 2019

Exhibiting at this year’s BUAS Annual Scientific Meeting in Glasgow.

Evening Standard: Pioneering ‘wand’ used in keyhole kidney op at Evelina London Children’s Healthcare on boy, six

7th June 2019

A boy aged six has become the first child in the UK to undergo a keyhole operation on his kidney using a new medical device.

Updated Privacy Policy

24th May 2018

LaproSurge Ltd are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy...

IPEG 2017: "An outstanding response"

3rd August 2017

LaproSurge received an outstanding response at the recent IPEG congress...

Africa Health 2017

22nd June 2017

LaproSurge exhibited at the 7th Africa Health this month...

NVEC 2017: 'Smart Surgery'

13th April 2017

This year’s NVEC congress (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Endoscopische Chirurgie) was held in Amsterdam yesterday...